Reading the Internet

Reading the Internet sign
(c) Mike Slocombe

Reading the Internet is an exorcism and a celebration of all the writing that’s published online: in blogs, on social media, in comment boxes and more. It takes the public forum of the internet into the public space of cafes, theatres and pizza parlours, and transforms the written word into live art.

At Reading the Internet, a Facebook feed might be played as music or a political essay distilled into poetry; Youtube comments become the source for stand-up comedy and reviews are broken into shards. Some people read online content verbatim, others create something new, be it text, film or performance. No two nights are the same – except in inviting the audience to think about, and sometimes laugh at, the way we live together online.

Taking place roughly once a season in a public place (a cafe, a theatre, a pizza parlour), Reading the Internet is part-curated and part-open mic, with audiences encouraged to join in with their own readings on the night. If you would like to contribute, please contact us: or @maddydeliqette.


audience at reading the internet